*Man pictured above does not represent our dress code. Oh wait,¬†we don’t have a dress code!

ArmgaSys is a growing company and we LOVE what we do! We are here to get a job done, and we are lucky enough to be able to have a blast while doing so.

In addition to a standard benefits package, we focus a lot on culture. We want to remember that happy people are productive people. It is not at all odd to wander through the halls and see Nerf poop littering the hallways, hanging from plants or stuck in some random ceiling tile.

Our facility has been well crafted to support “LIFE” at work. We have several all-purpose break-rooms that are themed for a little extra fun and scenery. We have a zen room for those days where quiet time is a necessity. We have a game room featuring PC based games, a video game console and Foosball. Our “diner” features free coffee/water/soda and an occasional party just because. On Friday nights, under the light of any moon, full or otherwise, you will likely find a group of gamers commandeering one of the conference rooms with boards at play and of course, pizza.