Our systems analyze and visualize mission critical data facilitating readiness decisions when it counts most.

Software plays an ever-increasing role in our nation’s military success.

ArmgaSys provides industry leading data collection, analytics and presentation software solutions which aids the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Navy in performing detailed analysis to support military readiness, worldwide.

Our web-based solutions support high-level decision making by compiling and presenting engineering data for military installations in real time at the push of a button.  Geo-location scenario and simulation software, coupled with predictive planning and analysis and assessment is just the beginning of what we do.


Predictive Spatial Data Analytics

Geo-Location and Spatial-Based Planning

Sim Navy is a web-based application which allows planners to perform geo-location and spatial-based planning to identify areas of concern, as well as providing cost estimates for the relocation of Navy assets.


Multi-year scenarios give Navy planners advanced insight into mission readiness and strategic planning.


Advanced system analytics notify the planners of logistical issues such as ship berthing, facility availability and utilization, assuring mission readiness each day, every day.

We specialize in making data usable.


Facility Readiness Evaluation System


FRES analyzes the condition and availability ratings of shore facilities. Ratings include quality, appropriate size and an overall rating for each naval facility.


FRES provides scenario based analytics, visualized through multiple hierarchical levels, ending in a summary of facility readiness, globally.

The generated calculations can be filtered to provide quick and easy access to common and well defined reports, specific to the mission’s facility needs.

Enterprise-Wide View

FRES offers an enterprise-wide view of naval facility readiness with a user-customizable dashboard, a large variety of charts, graphs, and other summaries.