Thanks for visiting our page! Here are the official ArmgaSys logos for download. We don’t have many rules, but when using our logos, we do appreciate you following our guidelines as follows:

When using the text “ArmgaSys” without the use of an image, please use a capital A and a capital S in the appropriate places: ArmgaSys

The ArmgaSys logos should never be re-sized to anything smaller than the dimensions listed on this page.

The blue ArmgaSys logo is our standard color, however it does not look right against many color backgrounds.  If you are placing our logo against a dark colored background, please use the white logo. Anytime a white background is used, please use the blue ArmgaSys logo.  You may choose either one of our versions, depending on the shape of where our logo will be placed. You get the idea here…

Questions? Comments? Give us a jingle at 208-855-2998